Citizenship by marriage – proof of knowledge of the Italian language

Prova de conhecimento da língua italiana | CDA

What’s new about applying for Italian citizenship by marriage, civil union, or time of residence? The law on Italian citizenship by marriage, civil union (for persons of the same sex), or time of residence was amended at the end of 2018, and now in order to begin the process, the person concerned must demonstrate knowledge […]

How to request the CPF – Brazilian tax code

Como solicitar o CPF (cadastro de pessoa física) no exterior | CDA

How to apply for the CPF? To request the Brazilian Tax Code (CPF – Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas), the regularization of the tax situation, the modification of the registration data or its cancellation by the person not resident in Brazil or resident in Brazil but while being abroad, you must fill out a specific form […]

Requirements to obtain Italian citizenship


Italian citizenship is based mainly on the right of blood (“ius sanguinis”), whereby a child of an Italian father or mother is Italian. Citizenship is currently regulated by Law n. 91 of February 5, 1992 and the implementing regulations. Fundamental principles of Italian citizenship Italian citizenship can be recognized automatically or through an application to […]

Italian citizenship by naturalization for period of residence

Cidadania italiana por residência | CDA

How to become an Italian citizen by being resident? Italy grants the possibility to acquire the Italian citizenship for those who legally reside in the country (Article 9, Law 91/1992). 1) Legal residence in Italy: 10 years for non-EU citizens 5 years for a legal-aged adopted by an Italian citizen, stateless persons, refugees, and legal-aged […]

Simple certificates, long form or reprographic copies?

Certidões simples, em inteiro teor ou cópias reprográficas? | CDA

In Brazil, when a person goes to the registry office to request the registration of an event (birth, civil marriage or religious marriage with civil effects, death, etc.), the officer records the location where the request was made, which will be registered in the original notarial book. After this registration it is possible to request […]